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 The Benefits of Studying Chinese at  NPTU

A.  Specialized classes: course content, pace of progression, class timeand teaching  materials all designed with the student's specific needs in mind. 

B.  Friendly and helpful service: the Center's Chinese teachers and administrative staff work closely with students, helping them  to get settled and looking after their everyday needs.

C.   Study courses are complemented with local cultural activities.

D.   Convenient location: the campus consists of an athletic center and is close to the city center.

E.  Diverse local cultures: Pingtung is made up of people of  various cultural backgrounds, including Hokkien Taiwanese  who hail from the Southern Fujian Province of China, Hakka  people, and the indigenous aboriginal population.

F.  Convenient transportation: A free bicycle rental station is located just off campus.

G.  The area is known for its safe environment, pleasant weather, and low cost of living, which makes it an ideal place to study.

H.  Just a scooter or bus ride away, you'll find beautiful mountains and waterfalls, such as Da Wu Mountain and the Kenting coastline.