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A. If you are coming from overseas, there are two major international airports in Taiwan. They are the Taoyuan International airport, located in Taoyuan county (about 40 km from Taipei City) and the Kaohsiung International Airport, located at the southern part of Taiwan. It will be better fly to Kaohsiung International Airport. If you wish to be met, let us know in advance (e.g. 2 weeks before your arrival) when and where you will arrive and the means of travel. Airport transportation service will be arranged for you at your own expense.

B. If you arrive at Taoyuan International Airport, you can take long distance highway buses to Kaohsiung. From Kaohsiung, you can easily get a transfer to Pingtung by bus, train or taxi.

C. If you are already in Taiwan, you could either come to Pingtung by airplane or train. Please check the schedules using the following: