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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

    Although the cost of living in Pingtung is generally less than larger cities such as Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and so on, NPUE Language Center recommends that you budget well to cover tuition, accommodation, food, electricity/telephone, entertainment, clothing, and travel expenses. The following list is for your reference.

(1) Tuition Fees:

  Small Group Class (a minimum of 5 students)

Hours per week


15 hours per week

  NT$ 21,600 (180 hours)

12 hours per week

  NT$ 18,720 (144 hours)

10 hours per week

  NT$ 15,600 (120 hours)

8 hours per week

  NT$ 13,400 (96 hours)

6 hours per week

  NT$ 10,800 (72 hours)

4 hours per week

  NT$ 7,680 (48 hours)


  Special Arrangements (a minimum of 24 hours)

Hours per week


One on one


One on two


One on three


One on four


(2) Living expense ranges from NT$5,000 to NT$7,000 per month in Pingtung.

(3) Accommodation

  • On-campus accommodation ranges from NT$5,500 to NT$7,500 per semester (depends on the dormitory assignment).

  • Off-campus accommodation ranges from NT$20,000 to NT$30,000 per semester.

(4) Books and supplies: expenses vary from program to program.

(5) Miscellaneous expenses: (subject to change)


  • Residence visa application: NT$3,000 (NT$4,400 for students holding American Passport)

  • Alien Resident Certification (ARC) application: NT$1,000

  • Student Insurance: NT$103 per semester

  • National Health Insurance: NT$659 per month (compulsory insurance program and requires a six-month payment at one time). Please visit: http://www.nhi.gov.tw for relevant information; any change in charges should be followed by the announcement from the Bureau of National Health Insurance.

  • Deposit of dormitory key and relevant expenses: NT$1,000-1,500 for key deposit,and other relevant expenses depend on the dormitory assignment.

  • Internet access: NT$350 per semester (if you stay in the dormitory)

  • Others (clothing, entertainment, phone and other personal expenses)