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Language Center

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☆2017 Summer Semester (Full-time Students - Beginner Level)

National Pingtung University Language Center

Chinese Language Division

Beginner Level -Summer Semester (Full-time Student), 2017

A. Class Hours

The Ministry of Education (MOE) Mandate #0960025441 states the following, “Starting September 1st, 2008, all language institutes will require every student to enroll in 15 hours of class per week.”

Therefore, every full-time student at the Language Center is required to enroll in 15 hours of classes per week (five days a week, and 3 hours a day, at least 150 hours for one semester).

B. Class Arrangement

1. Basic Language Classes: Grammar, Pronunciation, Chinese Idioms, Conversation, Vocabulary, Chinese Songs, etc.

2. Cultural Classes: Calligraphy, Taichi, etc.

C. Notice



Application Deadline


Registration Day

Schedule week



Week 1-2

2017.07.04 ~ 2017.07.08

2017.07.11 ~ 2017.07.15

Class Introduction


Week 3-4

2017.07.18 ~ 2017.07.22

2017.07.25 ~ 2017.07.29


Culture Class

Week 5-6

2017.08.01 ~ 2017.08.05

2017.08.08 ~ 2017.08.12


Culture Class and Mid-tem Exam

Week 7-8

2017.08.15 ~ 2017.08.19

2017.08.22 ~ 2017.08.26


Culture Class

Week 9-10

2017.08.29 ~ 2017.09.02

2017.09.05 ~ 2017.09.09


Culture Class and Final Exam

This class designed for small group classes: 5 to 10 people in one class.

Explicit class schedule will be released before class starts.

Special arrangement classes: one-to-one class can be started at any time. Please contact with us to arrange class based on your personal needs.


D. Tuition Fee

 120NTD per hour (50 mins), 120NTD X 150 hrs = 18,000NTD + handling fee 350NTD.
 18,350NTD in total (each student).


How to apply

To apply for our Mandarin program, please send us the following documents we need: 


1.    Application form with Two– 2 x 2 photos 
2.    Original recent health report (a TB test must be included) 
3.    Photocopy of passport first page (with passport number, name and personal details and photograph). 
4.    Recent financial statement (past three months) endorsed by a bank to prove that the applicant has at least US$2,500.


*Other required documents: Photocopy of diploma and certificate with school transcripts or equivalent academic records. àDon’t need to be handed in to us.  Those documents might be asked by officers in different area while applying overseas Chinese Student Visa.


*Application Procedure

1. Send the required documents (No. 1-4 listed above (English or Chinese versions are all accepted).
2. After the application documents have been examined, an acceptance letter will be issued.




Application Form

Please fill out application form and e-mail us.






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