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☆2017 Summer Semester (Part-time Students- Beginner Level)

National Pingtung University Language Center

Chinese Language Division

Beginner Level -Summer Semester (Part-time Student), 2017

A. Class Hours

 12 hrs a week, 8 weeks, 96 hrs in one semester     (  2017 .7.4 -  2017. 8. 26  )

B. Class Arrangement

1. Basic Language Classes: Grammar, Pronunciation, Chinese Idioms, Conversation, Vocabulary, etc.

2. Cultural Classes: Calligraphy, Taichi, etc.

C. Notice


Application Deadline


Registration Day

Schedule week



Week 1-2

2017.07.04 ~ 2017.07.08

2017.07.11 ~ 2017.07.15

Class Introduction


Week 3-4

2017.07.18 ~ 2017.07.22

2017.07.25 ~ 2017.07.29


Culture Class

Week 5-6

2017.08.01 ~ 2017.08.05

2017.08.08 ~ 2017.08.12


Culture Class

Week 7-8

2017.08.15 ~ 2017.08.19

2017.08.22 ~ 2017.08.26


Culture Class

This class designed for small group classes: 5 to 10 people in one class.

Explicit class schedule will be released before class starts.

Special arrangement classes: one-to-one class can be started at any time. Please contact with us to arrange class based on your personal needs.

*Note. We don't deal with visa problems. This class is designed for short-stay visa foreign students and foreign residents with ARC.
Visa problems please visithttp://www.boca.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=6141&ctNode=778&mp=2:


D. Tuition Fee

 120NTD per hour (50 mins), 120NTD X 96 hrs = 11,520NTD (each student).


How to apply

To apply for our Mandarin program, please send us the following documents we need: 

  Application form with Two– 2 x 2 photos 


Application Form

Please fill out application form and e-mail us.


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