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[Tzu Chi University] Hualien Mini Trip. Fun with Chinese

2017 Hualien Mini Trip, Fun with Chinese

Motivated to learn Chinese, but tired of big cities? The three-day tour “Hualien Mini Trip, Fun with Chinese”, organized by the Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University, is planned to introduce Taiwan indigenous cultures to foreigners who enjoy outdoor activities and natural beauty in Taiwan. We provide three hours of Chinese class a day, indigenous culture tour, visit to Hakka Village and sightseeing tour in Hualien. You’ll be able to cultivated your Chinese language skill and broaden your horizons while enjoy the scenery and culture of Taiwan. Sign up today to begin your language study experience in Hualien, Taiwan.

I. Aim:

The goal of this program is to let Chinese learning students discover and experience Hualien unique local culture through cultural activities and tours. Our purpose is to attract and engage more students in actively learning Mandarin.

II. Eligible Participants:

Foreigners in Taiwan

III. When:

From October 2017 to June 2018

IV. Schedule (Changes may be made according to weather conditions) :


Mandarin On-the-Go Tours Detail

Where to Go

Where to Stay

What to Eat



Day 1

Indigenous Culture Tour


Welcome & Introduction to the Tour

Chinese Class

●Indigenous Archery

●Siang-Ye Knife Shop

●Ancient Indigenous


●WOW Hostel

●FH Hostel

  • Breakfast on your own
  • Lunch: TOP Bakery Lunch Box
  • Dinner on your own

Day 2

Jade DIY and Hakka Culture tour

Chinese Class


●What is this?

●How much?

●Where is 7-11?

●Do you want sugar in your coffee?

●Can I take a photo?

●Lufung Jade Workshop

●Hakka Pant Dyeing

●Fengin Tobacco


●Guangfu Sugar Factory

●WOW Hostel

●FH Hostel

Day 3

Chinese Mission and Hualien Cultural Creative Industries Park Tour

●Chinese Mission

●Huaien Cultural

 Creative Industries Park

●Cosing Ceremony

●Student Feedback

WOW Hostel, FH Hostel or other accommodation (own expense)

Day 4

Optional Customized Chinese Class

Optional Customized Chinese Class

Optional Customized Chinese Class

Meals on your own

Day 5

V. Application:

1. Fee: NT$2,500 (including 2 night accommodation, 3 day lunch and insurance)

2. Online Application: https://goo.gl/forms/WjrFO2RYLNcirk752

3. Payment Methods: Cash (pay on the first day of the activity)

4. Check-in: Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University (No. 67, Jieren St., Hualien City)

5. All meals served are vegetarian.

VI. Contact:

Chinese Language Center of Tzu Chi University

Tel: 03-8572677 #1681-1683

Fax: 03-8466065

Address: No.67, Jieren St., Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

E-mail: cltc@mail.tcu.edu.tw

Website: http://www.language.tcu.edu.tw

Chinese Language Center Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TzuChi.CLS

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