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[ National Changhua University of Education ] Free experience on November 21st ,2017-Traditional Culture DIY


Apply Date: from November 8th to 15th ,2017 

Tour Date: Tuesday, November 21st,2017 
Tour Time: 9:00~12:00
Tour Fee: Free (Original Price: NTD.680)
Recruiting information: International students who study in Taiwan
Quota: 2 students for free
Admission List: we will post on our Facebook fan page on November 17th. And send e-mail to you.

On-line Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/tIKI5mbigcq9Okek2

Traditional Bakery-Fong-Pen Rice Cake DIY→Taking a stroll in the traditional market→Listening to the story of Chinese medicine pharmacy and making your own Chinese Medicine Sachets→Realizing how to make Lanterns and Enjoying endangered glass painting of Guanyin

1. Clicking the like button on our Facebook fan page.
2. Writing a 200 words(at least) post with a short film or 5 photos on your Facebook page and hashtag #learningchineseinchanghua#mandarinonthegotour #NCUE
3. After the tour, writing an article by your first language and posting on an international traveling website or social media
**We will ask participants to sign a consent**

Contact Person: Nancy Huang 
E-Mail: nancy0714@cc.ncue.edu.tw

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