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[National Open University] “2018 Foreign Student Chinese Typing Contest” Briefing

“2018 Foreign Student Chinese Typing Contest” Briefing
1. Purpose
To welcome the digital learning age, we are holding a “Foreign Student Chinese Typing Contest” to improve Chinese input skills, develop the ability to apply information from Taiwan, promote Chinese reading, assisting in remembering Chinese characters, and writing with Chinese characters, for foreign students.
2. Organizer
National Open University Chinese e-Learning Center
3. Co-Organizer
Kaohsiung Medical University (Chinese Language Center, Center for Languages and Culture, Center for General Education)
4. Eligibility
A. Any foreign student, 16 years or older, studying in Taiwan without ROC citizenship.
B. We suggest participants to have the ability of the TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language) test at A2 level or above.
C. Entrants whose parent(s) has/have citizenship of a country with Chinese as its official language, or speaks Chinese as their mother tongue are discouraged from entering the contest.
D. Entrants must provide a copy of their passport upon checking in for inspection. Entrants who arrive without it, or check in too late, will be disqualified.
5. Contest Sessions
A. North Division
1. Contest Location National Open University Main Campus No. 172, Zhongzheng Road, Luzhou District, New Taipei City, 247
2. Contest Date: July 1st, 2018
3. Contest Schedule 09:00-09:30 Check-in 09:30-10:00 Speeches, Competition Directions, Testing 10:00-10:10 Competition Round 1 10:10-10:30 Break 10:30-10:40 Competition Round 2 10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-11:30 Certificate of Entry Awarding 11:30-12:00 Award Ceremony
B. South Division
1. Contest Location Kaohsiung Medical University No. 100, Shiquan 1st Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, 807
2. Contest Date: July 2nd, 2018
3. Contest Schedule 13:30-14:00 Check-in 14:00-14:30 Speeches, Competition Directions, Testing 14:30-14:40 Competition Round 1 14:40-15:00 Break 15:00-15:10 Competition Round 2 15:10-15:30 Break 15:30-16:00 Certificate of Entry Awarding 16:00-16:30 Award Ceremony
6. Entering the Competition
A. Signing up/Fees Entrants should fill out the entry form on the official website, and pay a fee of NT$150.
Link: http://www.celc-nouedu.org/blog/chinese-typing-contest-2018
B. Entry Limit Each contest division will consist of 60 entrants, by order of entry.
C. Completion of Entry After filling out the online entry form and completing the entry fee payment, an entry completion notice will be sent. Upon receiving the notice, the entry process is complete.
D. Entry Deadline June 25th, 2018 or until filled.
7. Rules
A. Scoring Rubric Accuracy 40%, Speed (Words Per Minute) 30%, Word Count 30%
B. Contest Rules
1. Entrants will take their assigned seats by order of entry.
2. Entrants must confirm keyboard layout before the start of the contest. Contest will not be paused to accommodate switches in input method.
3. Entrants will use only the two articles, provided by contest organizers.
must click the “Finish” button.
6. Punctuations (including spaces) must be entered in fullwidth form.
7. Final score will be taken from the average of both rounds. Ties will be broken by accuracy, speed, then word count.
8. Prizes
First Place: NT$5000, 1st place certificate.
Second Place: NT$4000, 2nd place certificate.
Third Place: NT$2500, 3rd place certificate.
Fourth Place: NT$1000, 4th place certificate.
Honorary Awards: NT$500, Honorary certificate.
9. Further Information
A. Entrants will only use the desktop computers provided by the venue, with operating systems of Windows 7 or later. Entrants may not request to use other keyboards or operating systems.
B. Entrants must follow all rules. All mobile and smart devices must be off or switched to silent mode. Entrants may be disqualified upon violation of any of the rules.
C. Should there be any major natural disasters or other irresistible factors, the organizer has the right to cancel or postpone the contest.
D. Prizes will be awarded separately for both the North Division and South Division contests. Besides the stated prizes, the organizer may not provide any forms of payment to the entrants.
E. All entrants, should they win, must comply with the R.O.C. income tax laws. Do not enter the competition if you cannot fully comply.
F. Any changes or notices will be posted on our official website, or announced live by the host.


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